Ute Beckert - native of Potsdam. Ute studied classical singing at the conservatory in Dresden.

"My heart this is a grammophone" - chansons and Hits from 30-40 years, as well as Baroque and Old Italian Arias.

The most beautiful and dearest colleague one could wish for.


Duo with the Devil Violin Andrej Ur. Carpathian music is unmistakably accompanied by the Hungarian roots of his family. The best virtuoso for Czardasz, Tango, Country und russian music in the whole capital.

We accompany congresses, conferences, trade fairs, weddings, Christmas markets, etc. with background music, but just as often play the really big concerts with a 100% success rate.



Shagaev Solo

The first CD "Deep Red" became besides Netrebko and Barenboim to one of three in the last 15 Jahren absolutely best-selling "cult" CDs in Europe's largest cultural department store Kulturkaufhaus "Dussmann". Accordingly, the audience expectations are very high.

Visit a Concert of Maxim and experience the full range of the Bayan in a very personal way.

Vivaldi - Summer

J.S.Bach - fuge g-moll BWV 542

Enikö Ginzery comes from Slovakia and achieved great recognition in her home country. Enikö's quality of play is unique and decisive for today's  cimbalom players in the direction of classical, old and contemporary music. In addition to baroque, we have prepared an entertainment program based on Hungarian original music for the Events.

Arnold Krohne

                                                                              "Chanson a la carte" Als klassisch ausgebildeter Sänger (UDK Berlin), sowie Schauspieler ("Reduta" Schauspielschule) konzentrierte sich Arnold auf das Genre "Chanson" und tritt seitdem mit seinen zahlreichen Soloprogrammen in vielen deutschen Städten erfolgreich in Erscheinung. Zudem leitet er seit 2006 die "Chansonschule Berlin".

Martin Hilmer

Glass harmonica / Glasses / Verrophone

As a Barock duo with Works by Bach, Vivaldi, Marcello, Händel etc. Martin is a unique virtuoso in his field. Countless performances with the largest symphonic orchestras, as well as television appearances took him all over Europe. Glass harmonica was invented by Benjamin Franklin and has already caused a stir in Mozart's time. It can be found in original scores of u.a. Glück, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky as an integral part of the symphony orchestra.